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System/Status/Content Summary/HTTP,Email & FTP stopped logging

This feature stopped logging and I don' t know how to re-enable. To the best of my knowledge, it' s never been enabled, it just worked....go figure. Keith

Ok Keith, there are 2 things you can try. I' m assuming you' re having trouble with the Content Summary on the status page, so try this out. The content summary will only log traffic that pass through a firewall policy which uses a protection profile with these settings enabled: 1) In the GUI, if you open up a protection profile, under the category Content Archive all the protocols should be enabled. 2) Virus Scan for all the protocols need to be enabled. (There are exceptions but this rule is the safest bet to making it work) If these are configured correctly and applied to your firewall policy then Content Summary should function properly again.
Director, Product Management