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Support FortiAP-C models on 6.4.1

Just an FYI, I have a FWF60E and I purchased a FAPC24JE AP but that AP is NOT listed as a model that I can build a profile for.  I made sure it had 5.4.2 firmware in order to support 6.4.1, but I can't get it to be recognized.  TAC just said I need to do this:


Technical Note: How to enable FortiAccessPoint-C compatibility on FortiGate Description
This article describes the command to enable FAP-C compatibility on FortiGate.
FortiAccessPoint-C compatibility with FortiGate is not enabled by default.  In order to enable FortiAccessPoint-C in FortiGate use the following command:  
# config wireless-controller setting 
# set fapc-compatibility enable
# end
Will test this and report back if it works.
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That's been the case for a while.  I also needed to set fapc-compatibility enable for FortiOS 6.0.x where we use a FAPC24E. 


I do wish the documentation mentioned what was actually being changed to allow it to support those FAPs.