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Strongwan dialup to fortinet

hi all, I setup a raspbery pi2 at my mothers house and would like her to see my pictures on my SAMBA share on my server at my house. Also, would like to access her OSMC rpi2 via both SSH and VNC for debugging and troubleshooting. I was thinking that I could setup a VPN client using strongswan on the rpi2 and have it dialup to my Fortigate Firewall (40c)and setup a IPSEC tunnel in order for me to gain access to her rpi2 (ssh and VNC) as well as her being able to access my pictures folder on my server behind the fortigate tunnel. Anyone have a working howto on what is needed to setup a dialup connection to a fortigate using strongswan? Anyone have links or howto's? Thanks




regards, NP

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