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Static routes wont take effect until waiting several hours



we got a problem with FGT 300D, firmware 5.4.4. If you add static route it wont show up to the route table. However you can see it in configuration. It might take several hours and after that you can see it in route table.


Have you ever encountered anything similar? Any solutions or is the firmware upgrade only solution?

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How are you validating the routing table? Do you see the route when you run the command "get route info routing-table all'? You can also test the route by running 'exec traceroute <IP Address>' where the IP address is in the route's subnet.





A static route will show up immediately after configuration in the Routing monitor (GUI: Monitor>Routing Monitor) if...if there is no route which is preferred.


A route is chosen from most detailed to most common. So a route to is preferred to anytime (in fact, the latter is the default route which is always the FGT's last choice). I think if you check the routing table you might find a route which is 'shadowing' the new route.

A peek into the routing monitor would be even better as a dynamic route could be the culprit as well.


If that is not the case, and you see this behavior with every new route that you enter, then the routing engine is malfunctioning. Which should be fixed by a reboot.


Maybe you could supply some more information, such as uptime, # of routes defined, use of dynamic routing protocols etc. Or post the routing monitor table here.


And as always, try to upgrade to the latest patch within the main FortiOS line in use. For v5.4, it's v5.4.8.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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