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Static route limit reached



We have reached the maximum number static routes to use on our Fortigate 100E.

The maximum number is 500.


Was I was wondering, if I regroup for example multiple static routes inside a Named Adress base static route (instead of using the subnet directly in the static route) would that clear some space for more static route to use?


I don't know if what I'm asking is really clear, but here is the Fortigate doc of what I would like to do :


If I regroup for example 4 subnet (that goes into the same IPSec VPN) into a group and that I create a static route using that group (instead of creating a static route of each subnet) will the Fortigate unit consider that as a single static route (because I'm using a group as part of the static route) would it still consider it as 4 static routes (even though I used a group for creating this static route).


Thank you in advance for the clarification.

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I don't think that would reduce your RIB size. But man a FGT100E and you hit the max? You need a bigger unit imho.


What you could do is aggregated






You just dropped 3 RIB entries.


So you might need to redesign or pay the penalty and go to maybe a 301E where you have 5K RIB entries imho.


Ken Felix