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Static Routes issue using 6.0.3 Firmware

Hi guys,


I am using the new firmware version (6.0.3) and I got one issue using static route. If you already have any route to a specific GW and you try to add a new one to the same specific GW, the Fortigate shows the follow message.

"Gateway IP and interface conflict with Static Route #"


How to fix it?

Save your route using another GW IP. After that, right-click on the Route you want to change and click ">_Edit in CLI".

Run the command "set gateway", then type "end" and close the CLI Console.


Refresh your browser and you will see the result.


@Fortigate team, please provide an update to fix it up.

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From CLI is possible ?

New Contributor

I was able to configure from the CLI.  The new firmware  (6.0.4) is due for release on the 18th December.


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