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Standalone FortiAP 221E

I would like to use FortiAP 221E at home where I don't have any FortiGate. I read here on the forum that there is a possibility to connect FortiAP to FortiCloud and make settings there.

But I can't add the FortiAP to FortiCloud in any way.

The serial number was recognized but the system asks me for the FortiCloud Key and I don't have it. There is none on the device.

I tried to connect to the FortiAP GUI and enter my FortiCloud login credentials there, but I don't see it on the FortiCloud.


Could someone please help me with this?

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i know they work, but i don't want one. i don't like them for home use. the only time PoE makes sense to me is if you already have a PoE switch (i don't), and/or you don't have a power outlet near the AP install location (i do). a power adapter is a much cleaner install overall when they can be used. i already have far too much cable clutter where the AP is located, and i want to do all i can to keep from adding to it.


Hello tishij20, 


Thank you for posting. Your post is a little off topic. Can you please look for a relevant board to post to, or create a new thread?



Stephen - Fortinet Community Team

Hi @riske,
You can open a ticket with customer support and they can assist you with the key.

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Answer from customer support:
"The CS team is no longer able to provide the Forticloud Key, the access has been removed.
Please reach out to your Fortinet Account Manager or Partner for assistance."

Absolutely unbelievable, so there is no way to use the AP standalone. I can take a lot, but this is the biggest piece of **bleep** I've ever seen.


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