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Source ip for backup config auto-script



I tried to search forum, but I didnt get resolution for my problem.


Looks like when I want to backup config from CLI it takes first IP from interfaces as source ip address which is not


Is there any option how to set correct source ip address for backup config command?

There are options fot NTP, LDAP, DNS, PING, etc., but not for backup.


Is there some possibility how to set correct IP/interface which should send backup config to TFTP/FTP?


Thank you.


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Did you ever get anywhere with this?


I have the same issue.  For me it is using the address.  Since TFTP is udp I would think it would be fine.  It should get there anyway.  However, there is another FGT in between my FGT to backup and the TFTP server.  The FGTs seem to do a reverse path check.  So if the FGT does not have a way back it won't pass the traffic.  Not sure if it does that with udp traffic but I have seen it with TCP.  Anyway it is funky and backups do not work for me from remote FGTs to my TFTP server.  Thinking I will open a ticket.

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Guys did you had a solution to your problem? i have the same thing.


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