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Show Firmware upgrade percentage

Good day,


I need to upgrade one of my 7.* Fortigates in a cluster and when it gets to 50% or 70% reboot the other Fortigate.


I cant see where you can see the current status of the upgrade percentage, I am upgrading via the GUI but can do via CLI if this is the only place you can see the progress.



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If you update the cluster then the Fortigate will restart automatically.
First the master and then the slave.
Why do you want to boot the Fortigate Manuel?

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Opposite. After uploading the firmware to the primary, it's copied to the secondary then the secondary unit updates the config and reboots with the new version first. Only after secondary is ready they swap the role and the previous primary would update the config then reboot.
You can see all of these process&progress if you connected and watching at output at both console ports.