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Setting up two FortiAP's


I setup my (fortunate) wireless network. I have a Fortigate 60D as the controller, FortiAP 220B connected via cable as the first AP and then FortiAP 221B connected to 220B via mesh network.


It all works, however - they work on the same channels and therefor create interference for one another.

Power is set to Auto and darrp (Automatic Radio Resource provisioning) is switched on. All channels are selected as available so from time to time channels change automatically (cause of neighbouring AP's).


Is it normal that these AP's create interference for one-another (and to work on same channels)?




I'm not sure if DARRP is controlled by the controller or APs themselves. But if the former, and if the APs are reporting the same channel availability in the air, I wouldn't expect the controller sets different channels on two APs.

And two APs in an area on the same channel shouldn't immediately interfere each other. With the same reason multiple outside SSIDs can co-exist on the same channel with yours.


So then is there a way for two foriAPs not to deteriorate each others wifi signals?

I have a lot of MAC errors and all are originating from my second AP that is managed by the same controller 


You can test if the other AP is contributing those MAC errors on the second AP by nailing down to the different channels manually instead of using DARRP. My suspicion is the errors still occur.  


You only need to broadcast mesh VAP on root AP( for your case, 220B). Please try to remove backhaul vap to see whether it helps


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