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Setting up a proxy server in a machine connected to Forticlient VPN

Hi , the administrator have given me one account wich allows me to connect only one machine using Forticlient , I want to use that machine as proxy for other machines in the same network , the problem is when I set up a proxy server (using CCProxy or reverse proxy with nginx) it works but not when I connect the machine to the VPN, is there a way I can do so?

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Hi dosamine,


you should for sure check whether this is compliant with your company policies. It may well be a violation of these.

Otherwise, this should be possible, probably not with proxying, but routing instead. Your proxy might refer to the LAN interface, while your traffic with VPN will suddenly change the interface to a virtual adapter.

Using some routing software (know none, besides integrated in Linux) you should also be able to route and NAT traffic from the interface to the default route, regardless of the used interface.


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Hey there. I came across this thread and remembered that I have a potential solution for it. So, you could try setting up an ISP proxy. This is a type of proxy that's provided by your internet service provider rather than one that you set up on your own machine. This might allow you to bypass any restrictions that the VPN is placing on your proxy server and could help you get everything working as you want. It always works well for me, so I hope this will be helpful to you. Keep us updated.

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It sounds like you have been given a Forticlient account that only allows you to connect one machine to the VPN. However, you want to use that machine as a proxy for other machines on the same network. You've tried setting up a proxy server with CCProxy or a reverse proxy with Nginx, but it doesn't work when the machine is connected to the VPN.

Unfortunately, without more information, it's difficult to provide a specific solution. However, it's possible that the Forticlient VPN is not allowing traffic to be forwarded to other machines on the network. You may need to modify the Forticlient VPN configuration or speak to the administrator to allow for forwarding of traffic to other machines.

Alternatively, you may want to consider using a different VPN client or solution that allows for forwarding of traffic to other machines.