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Setting a default route to your ISP when your WAN port is dhcp assigned from ISP.

So this link here provides the exact scenario and how-to walkthru:

Technical Tip: FortiGate Getting Started - Configu... - Fortinet Community


It describes how to configure the WAN as DHCP or Static.

Then it tells you to next configure a static route... but assumes you have a STATIC IP from the DHCP:


Adding a default route.

- Go to Network -> Select Static Routes, select 'Create New' to create a static route
- Set Gateway to the IP address provided by your ISP and Interface to the Internet-facing interface.


How does this work if you went with the DHCP from ISP assigned to the WAN port?  (Xfinity refuses to give STATICs unless you rent their crapware and keep one hand in your pocket every month)


By the way I have a 60D brand new - just getting it configured.   Please don't tell me that I needed to spend another 1k to get that feature.   LOL.


Addressing mode: Manual = Static IP. The KB explains how to configure it if the circuit is Static. Not DHCP.


In case DHCP circuit, you generally don' t have to configure static default route. It automatically pulls over DHCP unless you configured not to. It's not because of FGT but with any other network devices you would never need to configure it. That's because of DHCP.


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