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Set Source IP on FortiAuthenticator to connect with FortiAnalyzer

Dear All,


Need help for configuring Source IP on FortiAuthenticator to connect with FortiAnalyzer, I can't see any configuration to change source IP on FortiAuthenticator eventhough I am accessing via ssh, there is no available command to configure source IP. FortiAuthenticator using two ports (port1 & port2) default for communication with FortiAnalyzer is with port1. Can I change it to port2?
I can see the setting in Fortigate but not with FortiAuthenticator.


Please help to advice.

FortiAuthenticator FortiAnalyzer 


You have to create a static route in ForitAuthenticator to reach FortiAnalyzer via port2:

static route.PNG

or put port2 on the same subnet with FortiAnalyzer if it's possible.

- Emirjon
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