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Seeking for high level design for inter-data center(Primary and DR DC) using FortiGate



I am seeking for commonly recommendable design examples for inter-data center(between Primary and DR DC) using FortiGate.

We're not running FortiGates on local sites so think this is not the case design for overlay communication using Fortinet SD-WAN between DC and local branch sites.

We're planning to put FortiGate in DC for mainly security tasks in each main DC and DR DC.

Is there any commonly recommenable design that I can refer for design?


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I think it is not simple to give common recommendations because there are many models and requirements for every case, for example:

  • Frontal firewall or datacenter/segmentation firewall
  • Whether you use same IP plan for both DCs or not
  • DCs are connected to each others at L2 level or L3 level
  • Same policies or not
  • Whether you have asymmetric traffic across DCs or not
  • Need live vMotion without losing sessions or not
  • ...

Also I think the challenge is 80% network and 20% security.

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