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SSL VPN and memory usage

Hi, I have FortiGate 111C v5.0,build0271 (GA Patch 6). There is SSL VPN configured. One time it has gone down. I couldn' t connect through SSL VPN. I connected through IPsec VPN and saw that memory useage reached 80%. I find out that scanunitd process use lot of memory. I restarted scanunitd process and memory usage decreased till 38%. And looked that problem solved, I could connect through SSL VPN. But after week same problem occurred. So something wrong with scanunitd. Any suggestions? Ty.

There are some known issues with how scanunitd uses the memory and as I understand v5.0.9 has a few patches to fix those issues. If you can upgrade to this version than I' d suggest to do it to get them fixed. If not, then run the following few commands and log a support ticket. #diag deb crashlog read #diag sys top-summary #diag sys top 2 50 //press ' q' after 30 seconds to stop. #diag hardware sysinfo shm #diag hardware sysinfo memory #diag hardware sysinfo slab #diag test app scanunit 3 #diag test app scanunit 4 #get test scanunit 3 #get test scanunit 4
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Ty for info. I' ll try upgrade to new version.
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