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SSL VPN Users cannot connect to network shares

I am having trouble with users not being able to browse a network share on my Synology NAS when they are using SSL-VPN.


My VPN settings are pretty simple..  I tell it to use the IP-Pool of 10.x.x.x and specify their DNS as my normal internal DNS.

The NAS is on a 192.x.151.x server subnet with it's own VLAN, and the clients are on their own 192.x.200.x VLAN.   


I have tried using both \\NAS and \\IP to connect.  I can ping it.


Normal in office clients can talk to the NAS and server network just fine.

VPN users can talk to any other Server device just fine (I can get into my switches, servers, ssh, etc... through VPN)


I can browse the webpage of the NAS just fine..  (this is actually the only way I can get files off it remotely for now).


Looking at my ipv4 policies...  I have an outside-sslvpn>Server-VLAN policy that allows all...   (which is why I can get to all the other server devices...)


I checked the settings on the Synology, and it has no block list, uses the same DNS and gateway.. has no firewall, etc...  



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The cli  diag debug flow is your friend, but I would start with the  fwpolicies and ensure SMB/CIFS is allowed and run a diag sys sniffer any " dst host <x.x.x.x> and src host <y.y.y.y>"






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