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SSL VPN RDP Bookmark Does Nothing

I've got some Chromebook users that need to use SSL VPN. I figure to have them login to the Web SSL Portal and use Bookmarks to RDP into Terminal Server or their Workstation. 


When I setup a RDP Connection Test to Terminal Server, just a white screen comes up. Nothing else happens. This is with Chrome and IE 32-bit. 

RDP Connection Test Settings:

Type: RDP 

Host: IP of Terminal Server and tried FQDN as well

Screen Width and Height: Left at default 

Username: domain\username & Username (samAccountName)

Password: correct password used

Full Screen: Checked or Unchecked


Only a white screen will come up. Nothing else happens. Trying to figure if there any requirements like Java, ActiveX, etc. 

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What FortiOS version are you running?


5.2 used Java for it's SSL VPN portal. This was updated to HTML5 in 5.4. I definitely recommend going to 5.4 for the SSL VPN portal as it's so much cleaner.


Current Firmware of FG100D: v5.2.8,build727. My Java is currently is at version8u121, but in any case, I will upgrade the firmware and test again. 


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