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SSL VPN Portal Policy Not Applying Correctly

Apologies if already posted.


I have this weird issue where when logging in with a VPN User (LDAP) the user always appears to get the default-portal displayed despite having created a portal specified to the user or group it belongs to. I've tried everything I can think of to try and get it to log into the assigned portal but to no avail.


Not sure if I've missed some crucial element or if it is a bug of sorts? I'm hoping it might be an issue someone has come across before. Currently on v5.2.7.

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Is the Firewall policy order correct?

afaik the first matched entry of a Firewall policy that exists as a mapped Portal entry will be used.



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I ended up having to raise a support ticket in the end.


Looks like it's a bug potentially with 2.4.7. currently looking at a workaround or upgrading.