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I've just checked two fortmails with latest OS 5.1.It seems to be vulnerable for LogJam attacks.When will there a new Firmware be available? Patrick
Did somebody ever tried to use a encrypted PSK from a v3 with a v4 while the Firmware wasn' t upgraded on the same firewall (copy&paste from the v3 config file to a new v4 FGT)? Does it work or do I have to retype it in the v4 GUI/CLI? regards, Patri...
I' ve just installed the FAP220A with a FGT80C (latest Firmware MR2 Patch 3 - build 0303). The first time everything worked fine in the lab. I' ve upgraded the Firmware of the FAP and everything worked. After I' ve unplugged the power the FAP didn' t...
Hello, I' ve got a problem between a FGT60B (running v4 MR2 P2) and a Cisco 3825 v12.41A. The VPN ist established. The network behind the Cisco should reach a Webserver behind the FGT. ICMP works fine in both directions. But the network behind the Ci...
Hello, is it possible to set a VPN Tunnel via CLI " Up" / " Down" (like via the Webintterface/Monitor)? I' ve searched in the CLI Reference, but found nothing :( Best regards, Patrick