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SSL-VPN Dual Stack Failure

I cannot seem to get SSL-VPN working in a dual stack configuration.  The clients get an IPV4 address from the pool but they do not get one from the IPV6 pool.


IPsec VPN works fine in a dual stack configuration once an appropriate configuration for IPV6 was added under


config vpn ipsec phase2-interface edit "IPsec IPV6" set phase1name "IPsec VPN"

set src-addr-type subnet6 set dst-addr-type subnet6 end end When connecting the client to IPsec it receives both a IPv4 and IPV6 address from the pool and is able to browse resources on local lan using both IPV4 and IPV6.


Is SSL-VPN dual stack capable and if so what is missing?



Bryan Z

New Contributor

Incredible enough, it looks like it's not possible at this time. There seem to be new feature requests open as per this thread:


I think it's really bad that PC's running a dual stack can lead to a compromise via the non-tunneled protocol...

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