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According to my google searches, SPAN is supported on Fortigates with HW switch. This document: suggests that a FGT30D has a hardware switch and thereby should support SPAN. Still I am not seeing the Hardware type being available from CLI when i go to config system switch-interface:


FWF30D (internal) # set type switch Switch. hub Hub.


I still tried to configure SPAN on it which it allowed me to do, but I can't get it to work:


config system switch-interface edit "internal" set member "lan1" "lan3" "lan4" set span enable set span-dest-port "lan1" set span-source-port "lan4" next


Firmware is really old at v5.2.3,build670

Any ideas? Is SPAN really supported on such low end device?

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They changed the software structure some point in 5.2.x related to hardware switch config. But "config system switch-interface" is config for soft-switch.

Best chance would be upgrading it to the last 5.2, which is 5.2.13 then remove them from "switch-interface" and configure them under "config system virtual-interface" if the step-by-step upgrade process doesn't automatically convert the "internal" to hard-switch.

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At least I used SPAN with FG60D or E w/ 5.4.x earlier this year. So I know for sure it works with these models.


Thanks guys. Will probably try to upgrade the FW and see how it behaves.

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Hi Guys.   I'm using fortigate 200D firmware 5.4.1 in HA mode. Need to attach Darktrace appliance for network analysis and deep inspection. Could anyone please advice how if I can use fortigate 200 D and span/port mirror to another interface.   2) can I use multiple existing ports like  WAN1, other ports  in firewall to mirror onto 1 interface in FW. That I can use for deep inspection for appliance?   3) If yes to above query how?



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