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I know this is not a Fortigate issue, but I'm posting here in hopes that someone has experienced the same problem. I already made a post about this on the Technet forum over here:
Hi!I have a network where WPA-Enterprise with RADIUS auth. is working fine except for one office.Looking at the traffic, it seems that the remote side thinks it is not reaching the RADIUS server with certain packets. I have disabled local firewalls a...
Hi! According to my google searches, SPAN is supported on Fortigates with HW switch. This document: suggests that a FGT30D has a hardware switch and thereby should support SPAN. S...
Hi! From ISP I have:Subnet 1 with IP .206/30.Subnet 2 with IP .216/30 Subnet .216/30 is routed to subnet .206/30 by ISP. Behind the FGT, connected to DMZ, is a PBX with IP .218. DMZ is configured with IP .217.PBX is configured has DMZ as GW. In FGT I...
A shaper can be applied to a firewall policy or used with application control. Which of these are processed first in FortiOS?And if both are applied, which of those takes precedence?