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I have a fortigate 50e, when downloading a program the speed it gives me is 30 kbs or 40 kbs.
My internet speed is 20,000 kbs upload and download.
In speed test it gives me this speed without problems.
The problem is when downloading.
I already tried with traffic shaping and it is not this either.
Is there something I am missing to configure or enable?


Hi @Alejanred-19 ,

Slow traffic can be due to the server itself too.
Some website capped the download speed so its not congesting the server.

Here is the idea to troubleshoot where is the bottleneck:

1. PC direct to the Fortigate

2. PC direct to your ISP router

3. PC connect to your mobile hotspot(bypass fortigate)

From here, we can proceed to do next troubleshooting.


Thanks for you answer...

1.- Pc direct to the fortigate, its very slow.

2.- Pc direct to your ISP router its very good 20 mb/s up and down

3.-My fortigate haven´t wifi.

With any ISP it doesn't matter to me, fast speed, only when I connect the fortigate the download is slow, I feel that it is something to configure, update or a bug.


Hi @Alejanred-19 ,

Here is my idea:
1. Do not enable any security profiles (antivirus, webfilter, ips, etc).

2. Verify the MTU. 

3. If you are using PPPOE, you may consider to use static IP on the fortigate.

4. Pc direct to Fortigate.


If you need help, its the best to call Fortinet support to check further.

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