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SIP POLICY : Not possible to register

Hello, I have a fortigate 100D with version 6.0.3 build0200 and I have a problem with my rules. I have two WANs, one for internet traffic and one for VOIP. I have a default static route that indicates that if you want to get out of the network you have to go through WAN 1. I have road policy that says that if the traffic that wants to go out comes from the central VOIP, it has to go out by WAN 2. To redirect the incoming connections on WAN 2 with the SIP port (5060), I created a Virtul IPs where I indicate that everything that comes on WAN 2 with the port 5060 is redirected to the IP of the central VOIP on port 5060. Finally I created my rule. However I can not connect a phone that is outside the internal network of the company from the WAN 2. If I do the same technique but going through the WAN 1 then my phone connects without worries. It's been a week that I'm looking for without finding the solution. For information, I deleted all the security profile on the rule but it does not change anything. Someone would have any idea ? thank you,


What kind of default routes do you have? Two parallel ones to wan1 and wan2?




As a picture is better than words, here is the configuration of my routes :


Default route :

Policy routes for the VOIP :


Thank you,


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