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SDWAN member outgoing interface

I have a HQ Forti connected with 3 branch Fortis with IPSec tunnel. We are thinking of implementing SD-WAN and BGP (we are on static now). When configuring SD-WAN zone and member, do I need to select existant IPsec tunnel interface as Outgoing interface in "Create IPsec VPN for SD-WAN members "or should i choose WAN interface and what is the difference. I suppose if i choose WAN it will create another IPsec tunnel simmilar to existent one.

Hi @grino ,


Please have a look at the links below:

As mentioned in the first link, "The selected FortiGate interfaces can be of any type (physical, aggregate, VLAN, IPsec, and others), but must be removed from any other configurations on the FortiGate."

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