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SDWAN and cloud based destinations

Hi all,

We recently moved to an SDWAN setup on our 3 locations, and (only) in one location we're running into a bizarre issue. All outgoing traffic to cloud-based targets (Azure/O365/AWS/Google Cloud/...) is slow, and some of our users connect to an Azure environment using RDP.  This results in the connections being dropped, disconnected, restarted, .... Of course they're unable to work like this.

The outgoing SDWAN rule to the internet is set up with "Maximize SLA", and I noticed that when I set it to "Manual", and I select 1 of our 2 routers, it all seems to work just fine.

And to add to the mystery: it works fine when I either put 1 of both routers in the SDWAN rule, or even both.

The condition is that I choose "Manual" instead of "Maximize SLA".

Did any of you run into this issue already?



There are some applications which will not work with load balancing, for example, let's take RDP
RDP initiated with one public IP let's say for the same session if packets are coming from different public IP servers will reject the packet.

The same happens with anydesk, zoom, etc as well.

It is recommended to use manual selection for the traffic for these types of traffic.

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Thanks for your reply. It makes sense, but the thing is: we don't need to set it up that way on our other 2 locations.  And we have users there who also initiate RDP connections to cloud destinations...


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