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SD-WAN using 2nd Internet line

We have subscribed to a 2nd Internet line for our firewall.

We are thinking of making use of the SD-WAN feature in our fortigate to take advantage of the 2nd Internet line to provide redundancy.

What is the most efficient way tp configure the fortigate so that making the changes will have low impact to users.

Our fortigate is 400E running FortiOS 6.4.8.


Hi @yeowkm99 , 


Welcome to the community. 

Assuming WAN1 is the current ISP and WAN2 the new one, one way would be:

  • create the SD-WAN configuration with just one member WAN2
  • route the traffic towards ia the new ISP
  • remove WAN1 from any config references
  • add it to the SD-WAN
  • create SD-WAN rules to include the "new" member

Of course, this are some very general ideas. Depending on your environment things could be different.