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What is the difference between sending syslog information to our FortiAnalyzer or sending to a 3rd party syslog server like ManageEngine Eventlog Analyzer ?Will we get different reports
How do i make use of the Forti Analyzer to generate weekly bandwidith usage report.Currently we have a FAZ 300G holding the logs for 1 x 401E and 1 x 100F fortigate.
i have one unit of FGT100E firewall showing management connectivity is down,how do i enabled the management back again ?
i have user reporting that their SSL VPN connection will auto drop even though status is showing connected.fortiOS version is 6.4.11, FG401-E. connection to internal network will drop. is there a policy to auto drop/disconnect users after 40 mins ?
How can i trigger email alert if there is issues with my FortiAnalyzer appliance box ?
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