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how do i generate a report based on high bandwidth usage?eg. i want to find out what is causing my bandwidth to be congested during certain time of the day?heavy bandwidth user or application
how do i edit the message header from the email alerts sent from the fortigate?the subject header is Message meets Alert conditionmy ForitOS version is 7.2.5 Message meets Alert conditiondate=2024-02-14 time=01:57:14 devname=100F devid=FG1000337 even...
how do i enable disk logging in FG100F?i dont see the option in both CLI n GUI for disk, only memory and fortianalyzer.
i have setup STMP server under Settings -> Email Service, for sending emails alerts for our FG100F.but it does not seems to work.what else must I enabled on the firewall.firmware version is 7.2.5
Can i upgrade my fortiAnalyzer 300G from version 6.4.13 to version 7.2.xx?i dont see any upgrade path to 7.2.xx.
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