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SD- WAN performance SLA for IPsec interface shows down

Dear People,

I am new in these scene:-)

I use FG60F with 6.2.4. I have configured SD-WAN with the following members:


VPN over WAN1


If I configure Performance SLA, the VPN-interface shows down.



There are a solution article:

My Problem depends in a part of them, because I could not get a ping reply throught the VPN-Connection

The ping reply over WAN2 Port comes without a problem

I have execute the solution article like this example from the article:

# config system virtual-wan-link (virtual-wan-link) # config members (members)edit ?                                                                                                                                     <----- Use question mark to get the interface ID. seq-num                                                                                                                                              <----- Sequence number(1-255). 1  port1 2  HO_port1_2 3  HO_port2_3 4  port2
(members) # edit 2 (2)set source (2)next (members)edit 3 (3)set source (3)end (virtual-wan-link)end

I set the source IP to VPN--HV the same like WAN1 Port


But I do not get any replys over VPN Port.


2.851477 VPN--HV out -> icmp: echo request

2.880142 wan2 in -> icmp: echo reply

3.371446 wan2 out -> icmp: echo request

3.371491 VPN--HV out -> icmp: echo request

3.400144 wan2 in -> icmp: echo reply


There are other configurations I done:



Have somebody an Idea?

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