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SD-WAN & exclusive ISP WAN

Hi everyone,


So... i've just configured an SDWAN interface with 2 ISP...however, i have another link coming from a third ISP and i want to use that one for wifi traffic.

I've tried to config some sdwan rules but still..everything goes through the sdwan interface (ISP 1-2-3). I was wondering if i could use a vdom for my 3rd WAN and have the first 2WAN in the SDWAN. thing is that all my FAPs are created in the vdom root and if i want to use another ssid or FAP i have to create or register them in the new vdom :S


Has anyone know how to make this config?.


Thanks in advance.


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investigate your sdwan rules, that should allow you to select the sdwan member based on destination or source


Ken Felix




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Using rules will work.


Until the 1st two IPSs are down, then all traffic will use the 3rd link.


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