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SD WAN Router to Router IPSec Tunnel Failover WAN Configuration

I have two WAN ISPs, a main data connection and a voice. These two connections are configured using SD WAN for failover and they work perfectly. I have to have a router-to-router IPSec connection to my hosted network. In my old 60D I did not use SD WAN and I was able to get the router-to-router connection to switch between both IPSs no problem. I have upgraded to a 60E and I am now using SD Wan for the fail over. My problem when I created the VPN tunnel I assigned it to WAN1 just like I did on the 60D without SD WAN. The example I am now looking at shows that the VPN tunnels are attached to the SD Wan. However, the tunnel does not show an option to connect to the SD WAN only the two WAN interfaces. How should I configure the tunnel on the SD WAN? I want the router-to-router traffic to go WAN1 by default, but failover to WAN2 when WAN1 goes down.


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