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I have two WAN ISPs, a main data connection and a voice. These two connections are configured using SD WAN for failover and they work perfectly. I have to have a router-to-router IPSec connection to my hosted network. In my old 60D I did not use SD W...
I have two 60Ds and one shows an option of System Events under the Log & Report option. The other does not have this option. How do I turn on this option? I have been using the System Events to identify IPs trying to attack the 60D. Both are on Forti...
I am running 5.6.6 on a Fortigate 60D, I have a remote VPN client that connects to the local Fortigate and the local Fortigate already a router to router connection with our hosted network. The VPN client when trying to reach a host on the router to ...
I am working on a 60D with FortiOS 5.6.6 and I am at a loss, I do not understand what is going on. I have an internal network on interface internal1 and I have a wireless access point on interface internal4. The AP had two SSIDs and each SSID has a d...
I have a 60D running 5.2.3. I have two WAN connections, one for all the VoIP and the other for all other data. The VoIP network moves all it traffic out the voice WAN and all other networks move data out the data WAN. If the voice WAN goes down then ...