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SD-WAN Failback

Hi Everyone !


My question is simple.


I'm looking for a way to configure a failback with SD-WAN. More globally, I have some services which requires a specific WAN IP so when something occurs on this WAN, I don't need the SD-WAN Failover.


As I can see, it's effectively possible to add a specific SD-WAN Rule and select only one WAN interface but when this interface goes down, it automatically reach the second WAN Interface (due to implicite SD-WAN rule). It's not a problem but how can I failback on the first interface when it comes up again ? 


Maybe  it's not possible by design but in the fact it should be interesting to have this option.


Many thanks for your help

New Contributor

change the administrative distance on the WAN1 interface if they are all going to the same destination.


As I can seen, I can affect this behaviour by configuring snat 


config system global

set snat-route-change enable



But this affect all the connections. What I'm looking for is this behaviour but only for one device


Hi !


It's not due to administrative distance. I think the best way to do that is to set snat. But it affect all the connections. What I'm looking for is to have this behaviour only for one LAN IP for example.

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Hello, did you solve the problem?

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