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Routing virtual IP to secondary network

Hi guys, 


Hope all is well.

Guys I have my Fortigate firewall configured to my as my internal network and I also have a secondary IP subnet that I use for another purpose.

I have configured my policies so that some IPs on the network can see the 172 network.

It works perfectly inside the network.

Now I have also set up virtual IPs that map 2 public IP addresses to 2 internal devices in the 172 network (not the primary network) and it's not working at all from the outside.

Is there something else I need to configure on the virtual IP so that it works with my secondary subnet? Do I need to add something else in the firewall configuration? I already have the virtual IP policy in place with ALL services open and still it doesn't work. I tried with NAT on and off and still nothing. 

Thanks much in advance,