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Routing conditionnal Access through Ssl vpn

Hey everyone,

I have an issue that might seem dumb, but I cant Come up with a solution for this.

One of our customers use conditionnal Access on his azure environment, which makes it that if he is outside of his main site MFA will asks reauthent more often than if he access 365 on premise. This part works fine.

What we tried to do After this IS doing the same for vpn ssl remote workers, and this is the issue : i cant route via policy everything that is azure related to make remote workers show on premise IP, and disabling Split tunneling isnt possible here, has anyone encountered this please ?

Thanks everyone,

Hi @nehir 


Thanks for your post.

+ As per your update in the forum I can see you wanted to enabled the 2MFA for the azure environment with the users connecting with SSL VPN

+ In order to route the azure related traffic for the SSL VPN users you can use ISDB based policies for traffic coming in via ssl.root

+ You can enable the SPLIT tunnel  and configure policy based on ISDB in the destination

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