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Routed IP net-block on Fortigate

Currently have a Fortigate that has a /29 for my WAN interface and the provider is going to give an additional public routed IP net-block /29 . The purpose of this is so I can assign public IPs to a LAN interface without NAT so I can attach another device router using this port to get a public IP and allow it to handle NAT. Just trying to get confirmation this will work since I am not finding any examples online for Fortigate.



/29 would like to setup a LAN interface with, then configure a firewall policy to allow traffic without NAT then the device router that will plug into the LAN port were configuring on the Fortigate to give it an IP  with Mask Gateway

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Called Fortinet TAC to review this configuration after doing a gotomeeting session to review we confirmed this will work. 



Hopefully at some point Fortinet adds an example for online documentation but if one already exist please share it. Here is a Sonicwall example  Configuring Routed Mode (


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