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Required replacement command for "show ip route"

[size="2"]Dear All,[/size]


[size="2"]We have some routing issue between cisco switch & fortigate UTM and for that cisco team asking me the output of the below commands on firewall. But I do not know replacement command for below commands. However I find one replacement command for one of below commands but i am not much sure. [/size]

[size="2"] [/size]

[size="2"]Please will anyone help to find out replacement command?[/size]


Command requested.

[size="2"]1) Show IP Route -----------> replacement command I found after googled --------> [style="background-color: #e5617e;"]get router info routing-table all[/style][/size]

2) Show IP Route 192.X.X.X



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get router info routing-table details X.X.X.X

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