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Rename VPN Tunnel

Can I rename after creation ipsec tunnel?

Unfortunately not. You either need to delete all objects referencing the Phase 1 tunnel, then the tunnel itself, then recreate it, or else... Backup your configuration, manually change the tunnel name, perform a find+replace for all other references to the old tunnel name, then restore your configuration. The FortiGate will reboot, but when it comes back up, the tunnel will be renamed.

Regards, Chris McMullan Fortinet Ottawa


This is preposterous that you can't change the name. I had the FortiConverter people do a terribly lazy job of my conversion and misnamed everything!!! I'm a very unhappy new customer, I wish I never switched.... 




Sorry to hear that. However there is way how to change it. You can change names in config and then restore configuration into FortiGate. It will reboot FortiGate but it will change names as you configured in the backup config.

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I work with one client and the VPNs are named based on the IP address of the remote site so we do have to rename them at times. As we can't reboot the firewall we duplicate then delete the existing VPN. Quite easy after you do a couple.
show vpn ipsec phase1-interface
show vpn ipsec phase2-interface
Grab the above two outputs then change the name after edit on phase 1, for phase 2 change the name after edit and the set phase1name to what your renamed phase1 to.
Once this new VPN is created then change your routes and polices to the new VPN. If you have a complex NATed VPN you might also need to change a VIP and IP Pool but not likely. This also gives the CLI info to easily create a VPN at the CLI. 
Once the new VPN is up and working, just delete the old one. 



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