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Release date of Forticlient 5.4.1 Mac?

In light of the thread about VPN DNS issues and Kernel Panics on El Capitan (, I have been camping the fortinet site looking for the release of 5.4.1.


Can we get an update on a release date for this? We had to switch back to our Cisco VPN to solve mac users problems, which makes our new Forticlient roll out look silly.

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Can anyone at Fortinet provide feedback here? Frankly I'm surprised 5.4.1 has not been released yet with the numerous issues uncovered in both Mac and Windows. We had to downgrade all clients to 5.2.5 to get back to a stable base. I would think this might be a critical issue for Fortinet customers and the company, but maybe few people got to 5.4.1 before the problems appeared (which were pretty early in the case of El Capitan) and just decided to hold off upgrading. In our case we started with 5.4.


Does 5.2.5 work for you? We cannot get DNS to work with any version under El Capitan.

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Hello David,


were you having vpn dns issues with ipsec vpn or ssl vpn ? we have been having these dns issues with ipsec and are planning to move to ssl vpn.

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I have version that works well. This version can be found in this thread

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Any update?


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