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Redirect subdomain to multi local servers

Dear Team ...

I have 2 subdomains , 2 local servers , 1 wan ip and 1 Fortigate 100E.

I need redirect to local server 1 when visited and to server 2.

I try virtual servers option but not work although i had create configurations step by step may be the problem with https redirect.Capture.JPG




any ideas please , thank you all.


Dear @Anas_Abu_Alrob0599 ,


Please check the article below:


Best Regards,

Vasil Dralio


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thank you for replay.

I have installed the main domain SSL certificate on FG and select it as  Certificate option in dropdown menu , when retry testing redirect me from to server 1 , to server 2 not working , I had checking HTTP HOST url and it's correct.

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I haven't tried this setup yet, but I would use the same port for all servers, that is, virtual server (443), realserver1 (now: 1662) and realserver2 (443).

Assuming you have 3 policies in place which allow the traffic from WAN to realserver(s).

Can you sniff the traffic, like in

diagnose sniffer packet wan1 'port 443' 4  # for virtual server

diagnose sniffer packet any 'host and port 443' 4

and post the results here?


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Friends ....


I solved the problem by updating the firmware to v7.0.2 


Thank you all.