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Re-direct loop to login page

Hi all,


        Has anyone encountered when you successfully login, it does not direct you to the fortigate main page but to the login page again? I tried several times on the edge and chrome and the result still the same. I am accessing this direct from internet


      I had no such issue when i access via the management port. 

      Anything to do with my browser settings?







This has been known to happen when the standard TCP/80/443 ports for HTTP/HTTPS are proxied by some other network device in-between, changing the source MAC address of the packets, but the captive portal ports (by default 1000/1003) are not. by default authenticated sessions are bound to both the IP and the MAC addr, which is disrupted by that sort of proxying.


You can confirm this by running a packet capture on the FortiGate for a given client, focusing on the 80/443/1000/1003 ports, and checking if the src MAC changes. If yes, you will need to apply the following change:


config user setting

set auth-src-mac disable


[ corrections always welcome ]

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