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Radius Authentication

Hello everyone!

Can anyone help with configuring Radius authentication for VPN on fortigate 5.2.1?


I want to handle all the users on the Radius server.

When i configure a policy with a single radius user, i connect to the vpn just fine.

When i configure a group with radius as the remote authentication, i get wrong password (log: sslvpn_login_permission_denied). even when i add the same single user to that group i get the same error.

The Radius server is a Windows Server 2012 with NPS enabled. the remote server has the exact same group name as in the windows server.


I did read a bit about Radius SSO and thought that this is what i need, but after creating RSSO, it does not appear as a source user under ssl.root interface (it does appear under other interfaces).



Amit K.


RSSO is different from local Radius server authentication.


If you want use Windows 2012 server for RSSO, make sure it send Radius Accounting packet to FGT, FGT will check "framed-ip" attribute and set up authentication for specific user IP.

You may check detail RSSO doc on Thanks

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