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Questions about Forticlient EMS Redundancy



We have one Forticlient EM 7.0.3 server and we are planning the deployment of a second server to have redundancy.

I've read the Forticlient EMS administration guide, but some questions are sill not fully clarified:


1. Do we need to install both EMS nodes from scratch to implement redundancy, as described in the Administration guide here Redundancy | FortiClient 7.0.3 (, or is there a procedure to implement redundancy by keeping the current node and just install the second one ? 


2. Is my understanding that RMS redundancy works in a Active-Passive model (please correct me if i'm wrong). When the Active node is down, does the second node need to be configured as the Active node ? If yes, what's the procedure to do that ?


Thanks in advance for your help.



I believe you need to start from scratch since you will be using external database server for this. I'm not sure if there is a way to migrate the internal standalone database to the external database server.


When a failover occurs, endpoints will automatically join the secondary node if the primary goes down. It uses DNS round robin for failover. So you must use DNS domain name as described in the document you linked.


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