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Question about forticlient licenses that came with my fortigates

Hi everybody,


I have a quick question I wasn't able to find the answer to. We just bought two fortigate 60Es. One for our HQ and one for our branch office. As far as I understand each fortigate comes with 10 forticlient licenses. Now my question is are they "cumulative"/"transferable" or each pack only valid for that fortigate.


Or in other words:

We won't use the fortigate at the branch office as a forticlient end-point. But only the fortigate at the HQ. Can we use all 20 licenses to connect to the HQ fortigate. Or only the 10 that came with that fortigate?


best regards


This figure is per-Fortigate. But, you can use any amount of FCs to connect to a single FGT VPN gateway. The license is only needed if you want to manage the endpoints - configure, monitor, log data centrally from/to the FGT. Which is a benefit of it's own if you need to enforce corporate security rules onto your endpoints.


For sheer connectivity you can use the free FC, there is - to my knowledge - no low limit on the number of concurrent tunnels. There is one, of course, as the hardware will only sustain a certain amount of encrypted traffic but it's not low. The Maximum Values doc (on will tell you how many tunnels are supported for your model and firmware version. For a 60E and FOS v5.4.3 you can create ~240 VPN tunnels (but for dialup you only need one) so a couple of dozens would certainly work.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

Thank you kindly for the reply.


We might want to use managed endpoints for a small subset (<10) of our FC users. So should be totally fine :)


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