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Quarantine for password-protected archive files

Is it possible to quarantine password-protected archive files by Antivirus?

We use Fortigate antivirus for SMTP inspection. There is a problem with password-protected files in inbound emails. Most of them are viruses, but sometimes they are used for business purposes.

My current settings on Fortigate-VM, firmware 6.0.5:

config antivirus quarantine   set agelimit 479 end

config antivirus profile   edit "AV Profile for SMTP"     set inspection-mode proxy     config smtp     set options scan quarantine     set archive-log encrypted corrupted partiallycorrupted multipart nested mailbomb fileslimit timeout unhandled     set executables virus     set outbreak-prevention full-archive   end ........

When encrypted archive arrives, it is passed thru with event in Antivirus log.

If I add blocking option to AV profile smtp protocol

    set archive-block encrypted

enrypted archives are blocked, but not quarantined. However, infected files are blocked AND quarantined with that same AV profile. Strange approach, isn't it?

Is there any way to quarantine password-protected files other than using DLP profile for SMTP inspection?

PS: I also notice many "corrupted archive" log events with some MS Office files, however manual cheking with Symantec at e-mail client does not reveal any corruption nor infection of these files.


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