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Quality of Fortinet products/support

Hello all,

I want to ask how many tickets you have live on Fortinet support with problems? From our side we have increasing number of opened tickets with unresolved bugs and Fortinet don't care about it!

Forti support care only for thier KPI for email responses and that's all. Their last favourite answers are: we forwarded to Devs and let you know when respond! But that not happen - today I found half year waiting for response from Devs to support! I don't think they have any SLA at all!!

Fortinet owners care only about release every year new major version regardless of bugs and useless of their software. And you have to pay for useless support which care only for email replies to you and forwarding do Devs blackhole.

So I'm asking how many problems you have live? Currently we have 16 tickets with pending bug fix over different products. Oldest was opened in 12/2020 and till now they cannot find problem cause why Fortinet SECURITY software didn't work as expected!!!!!
Community Manager
Community Manager

Good morning Arune,


First of all, we are really sorry to hear that our services are not reaching your expectations.

We have, first of all, shared your message with our TAC services.



The best option will be to contact your Fortinet Sales Representative or your TAM to check together on these tickets. They will be the best to help and solve your issues.


I will leave this discussion open if  anyone would like to share similar experiences.


Best regards,

Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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