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Push notifications : Enable but just for specific VDOMs?

It looks like you enable push notifications on the Fortigate via the global setting. Is there an option or will there be an option to enable this per VDOM?



Hey andrew,

there isn't an option to set push-notification per VDOM in the FortiGate at the moment, and I couldn't find any plans to implement this per-VDOM either, my apologies.

You would need to reach out to your local Sales representative regarding a feature request.

The only other option I've been able to find so far is to use FortiAuthenticator:

- you can enable or disable push notification on a RADIUS policy basis

- you could have a RADIUS policy per FortiGate VDOM (would need a bit of config, but FortiAuthenticator can in theory distinguish between requests from different FortiGate VDOMs)

-> that would allow you to enable/disable push notification on a per-VDOM basis

If you have more questions about the potential FortiAuthenticator setup, let me know :)

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