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Is it not possible to use 2FA (Fortitokens) when using Fortinet's EMS with ZTNA solution? When I enable 2FA for the SSL-VPN it seems to just freeze and doesn't allow me to connect using the Forticlient. If I remove the ZTNA solution and just use the ...
It looks like you enable push notifications on the Fortigate via the global setting. Is there an option or will there be an option to enable this per VDOM?Thanks
I've setup my Fortigate using two VDOMs: 1) Root (management)2) WEB-FILTER (Transparent) Due to the WEB-FILTER being setup as transparent I've setup access and the LDAP server in the root VDOM. Now I want the WEB-FILTER VDOM to be able to authenticat...
I've setup some VDOM's which I want to have separate web filtering policies for each. When I create the VDOM and go to the security policies it shows the web policy but it doesn't have an apply button for me to make changes in the VDOM and it doesn't...