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Push notification services for FortiToken Mobile

So, I got this message on my FAC today when I logged into it:  "The push notification service for FortiToken Mobiles will stop working on 2017-11-27. Please upgrade the FortiAuthenticator firmware before then to avoid any service disruptions".  Has anyone else gotten this message on their FAC?

FAC Info

Code: v5.0.0, build0012 (GA)

License Type:  Full (never expires)





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At some point in the post 5.0.0 upgrades, the message went away.  That is it.  We are not using push notifications, so it did not matter to us.  Currently, we are running v5.1.0, build0091.  I would stay a couple releases back until everything is tested for a month or more and read the release notes.  There were a lot of problems in the 5.x.x codes when they came out.



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There's now a new version of FortiToken Mobile 4.2.0 which has in it's version info:


    "Secure token transfer (REQUIRES FAC 5.3 or higher)"


FAC 5.3.x isn't shown as released yet, so this seems kind of problematic.


Anybody know about a 5.3.x FAC coming out, or what the "secure token transfer" feature mentioned with FortiToken Mobile is?

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Do i need to allow specific port for my push notifications to work?


I have it configured and i only receive push notification when i try to log in into the FortiAuthenticator itself. But when i use it to log in to my firewalls, i don't receive notification.


Thank you,



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