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Purchasing used Fortinet equipment



I would like to purchase a used Fortinet FG-600C.


I called support who were very helpfull. They said in order to re-registed I need:

1. Screen shot of current OS. 2. Original Purchase Invoice from Fortinet registered reseller. 3. Fortinet will then contact the Fortinet registered Admin of the firewall for approval of sale.


My question is how much will re-registering cost me?

I want to make sure I have at lease three years of support and software updates.




ps I did try emailing support. They asked me to ask my question on the forums.

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600C Will not run any code above 5.6.x. 


5.6.x will leave engineering support exactly 1 year from tomorrow (3/30/2020). After that date, Fortinet will not fix most issues in 5.6.x, only 'major' problems until 9/30/2021. Then they won't fix anything. 


So, if you want 3 years of updates, I would look at a different device. Probably something in the D series. 


and to answer your questions:

- re-registering does not cost anything


this only denotes that the device (by serial number) is assigned to your customer account. It does not enable any services! which are: the right to upgrade firmware, to prolong the warranty (which includes replacement in case of HW defect) or to obtain AV, IPS, WF, AS subscriptions.

All of these services require either a FortiCare and (for UTM) a FortiGuard contract.


And before you ask: please get a quote from a Fortinet partner for pricing. For a 600C these contracts are expensive, just because it's an old model. You might get a better deal if you purchase a new model with bundled contracts.


Lastly, be warned that if the former owner does not answer to Support's request then you will not be able to re-register the device. The proper way of selling used FTNT equipment would be to de-register it before selling, but that is not the rule out there.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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Any luck finding any information on it???


Great information!

Thank You ede_pfau and FaultHalt.


The seller is the orginal owner. The customer requested an 600C. I will contact a Fortinet Reseller for more pricing information. I will also include the 600d pricing information as per your recomendations!




Fortinet support is only available for products which have been purchased directly from Fortinet authorized channels.  Products not purchased from Fortinet authorized channels are not eligible, and cannot be supported. This includes:

  • Used products purchased through any second hand marketplace (including online stores and auction sites).[/ul][ul]
  • New products purchased through any marketplace (including online stores and auction sites) where the seller is not an authorized Fortinet partner.[/ul]

    For more information please refer to the Fortinet Legal page.

  • snipcrimper

    Thats too bad, but understandable considering it is a security product.


    Thanks for the responce!


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